Think Big For Your Dog

22 Dec, 2014

A dog is always regarded as a man’s best friend and in today’s time they are an extended family for many .This circle of love involves food in a big way; however the same is compromised more than often by pet owners.

What does your dog need?

It is a well known fact that dogs have originated from wolves over many years, and therefore have a natural carnivorous bias. This is evidence enough that dogs need a diet that supports their natural food choices, in other words a diet that is meat heavy. Some studies have shown that a majority of pet owners use commercial dog food as a snack and continue to feed ‘home cooked’ meals to their pets. This isn’t the best approach since home cooked meals do not provide adequate nutrition to the pet and would affect their health sooner or later.

It is advisable to pick up the right quality product depending upon the size and age of your pet dog. If you are a beginner you may begin with an all breed formula, just like what PurePet has to offer.

A dog’s love is unconditional and its time that you return the favour by thinking big for your dog and taking the first towards their better nutrition.

About Purepet

Our love for pets is deep and it reflects in the extensive research that goes in creating the best quality food for them. Our products are crafted to suit their carnivore appetite, just like what nature intended them to do. With precision and years of experience packed in each PurePet pack, we guarantee delight with each bowl....

We’ve realised that monetary hindrance shouldn’t come in between your pets and quality food and that’s why PurePet is available at a great price for everyday use, without a compromise on its ingredient selection.

PurePet is produced under the IB Group umbrella, a leading ISO certified protein business led conglomerate in Central India.