Why Is Protein The Best Nutrient For Your Dog?

10 Jan, 2015

There’s a lot of debate about dog nutrition and most theories recommend protein as the best source of nutrition for dogs. Since their digestive tract is better suited to digest protein, fats and bones, a homemade carbohydrate rich meal isn’t the best option for them.

It is a well known fact that proteins are of two categories, namely plant and animal based. This segregation can lead to dilemma in minds of many. For example, a lot of vegetarian households choose to feed a plant based protein formula to their dogs and this approach may be conceived as a good idea for them but may not be best for their pet.

Let’s begin with understanding that not all proteins are similar in composition. Animal based proteins are a powerful source of amino acids and are better accustomed to satisfy the need of a dog, as compared to a plant based protein which may lack a few amino acids. In a nutshell a plant based protein diet may be an inferior choice for your pet.

Checking the information before picking up a commercial meal for your pet is always a good idea and one should look for words like ’high protein’ along with ‘source of protein’ on the labels. Most commercial dog food would indicate chicken, lamb, beef, chicken bi-products or chicken meal as the main ingredient. If you are still administering a plant based diet ensure that it is soya based. It is also important that you are mutually supplementing it with other animal rich option for a balanced meal.

PurePet is made from high quality chicken bi-product that includes blood, internal organs and bones. This may not be a palatable option for us but is greatly enjoyed by dogs. In addition PurePet has a great in-house flavour that improves palatability.

With this knowledge at hand, we hope that you are able to pick up the best food for your pet.

About Purepet

Our love for pets is deep and it reflects in the extensive research that goes in creating the best quality food for them. Our products are crafted to suit their carnivore appetite, just like what nature intended them to do. With precision and years of experience packed in each PurePet pack, we guarantee delight with each bowl....

We’ve realised that monetary hindrance shouldn’t come in between your pets and quality food and that’s why PurePet is available at a great price for everyday use, without a compromise on its ingredient selection.

PurePet is produced under the IB Group umbrella, a leading ISO certified protein business led conglomerate in Central India.