5 Question To Answer Before You Select A Pet Dog

12 Jan, 2015

Every pet lover goes through the extreme emotion of getting a dog home, at least once in his/her lifetime. While many of them proceed in getting a furry friend home, a lot of them give up on this lovely dream due to inadequate knowledge. Here’s a quick list of questions that will help you in deciding the best breed for you!

  1. What type of residence do you have?

The type of residence is a critical aspect while deciding the breed of dog that you want to bring home. Small or medium sized breeds can accommodate in apartments or flats, where as some breeds are better suited for large houses. Take your pick accordingly.

  1. Is your property secure?

Keeping a pet can get troublesome when you do not have a secured property. A young dog may escape or leave the premise without supervision and may get hurt. Sometimes they may also be attacked by other predators; hence it is advisable that your property is secure, at least during the early years of your pet and especially with smaller breeds of dogs.

  1. Would you be able to take your dog for a walk?

Exercise is very important for a pet. It may be in the form of a walk or some other activity. Families planning to get a pet home should always consider this point and decide their schedules accordingly. Don’t bring a large dog if your kids have to take your pet for a walk as it may get cumbersome after some. In such scenario a medium or small dog will make a lot of sense.

  1. Why are you getting a pet dog home?

A pet dog may cater various needs. It may be an emotional support or companion for your kids or a caretaker of your property while you’re busy travelling. If you are looking for former you may want to bring home a Labrador retriever or a more aggressive German shepherd for later.

  1. What kind of visitors do you expect often?

Everyone has a social life and this involves frequent visitors as well. If you have a lot of kids or elderly visiting you, it is a better idea to get a friendly breed like bulldog or a beagle. Some breeds are aggressive and may not be easy to handle around young or feeble visitors.

Bringing a pet home is a big decision and one should be considerate while at it.

We sincerely hope that these questions have helped you come up the curve!

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