Why Choose PurePet?

13 Jan, 2015

With dozens of pet food brands flooding the market, we are sure you would want to know the benefits of PurePet over others.

A good pet food should be able to provide proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats in required amount along with vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help in providing energy and stamina along with taking care of the overall well being of your pet. A diet rich in protein is always better for your pet and at PurePet we have ensured just that.

The PurePet Benefit

  • Made from chicken bi-products which are nutritionally rich in protein and fats.
  • Chicken bi-products that include lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys are superior sources of protein and are part of PurePet formula as well.
  • Unwanted bi-products (such as feathers, hide or hair) are not included while manufacturing PurePet.
  • PurePet is an all dog formula and is an ideal food choice for your pet.
  • PurePet treats like PurePet biscuits are made with real chicken without compromising on its nutritive value.
  • PurePet is highly digestible and in manufactured under stringent conditions.
  • Lastly PurePet is one of the most pocket friendly commercial dog foods available today.

So, what are you thinking? Join the tribe of intelligent pet owners by choosing the best food for your pet. We are ready to help you place an order along with a lightning fast delivery! 

About Purepet

Our love for pets is deep and it reflects in the extensive research that goes in creating the best quality food for them. Our products are crafted to suit their carnivore appetite, just like what nature intended them to do. With precision and years of experience packed in each PurePet pack, we guarantee delight with each bowl....

We’ve realised that monetary hindrance shouldn’t come in between your pets and quality food and that’s why PurePet is available at a great price for everyday use, without a compromise on its ingredient selection.

PurePet is produced under the IB Group umbrella, a leading ISO certified protein business led conglomerate in Central India.